Don’t Try This At Home – Expert Replaces iPod Batteries Blindfolded

Jan 25, 2006 | Woodstock, IL


As far as technical announcements at the 2006 Macworld Conference and Expo, nobody could compete with Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ stunning introduction of new Intel-based Macintosh computers.

Of the popular demonstrations taking place on the floor of the world’s most comprehensive event for Macintosh operating system users, nobody could come close to topping the standing room only crowds generated by Jamie Dresser, Product Manager and New Product Development, at the Other World Computing (OWC) booth.

Acting on a challenge, Dresser performed a series of iPod battery replacements – fully blindfolded!

“Other World Computing is proud to supply the best solutions available for technology users and we’re also proud to employ the most talented technical experts for the direct benefit of our customers,” said CEO Larry O’Connor.

With his eyes completely covered with a seamless blackout blindfold, Dresser took iPods from audience members and went through the intricate technical process of opening the iPod casing without damage, removing the fading manufacture’s battery, installing a higher capacity NewerTech NuPower replacement battery, and sealing the casing to a like-new appearance in perfect working order.

Each step of Dresser’s skill display was broadcast on an oversized, state-of-the-art plasma screen behind him, drawing audible fascination from the continually growing audience.

“Never before has battery replacement been a spectacle event, much less one of the top draws at an international expo,” said Jen Soule, Sales Manager. “It’s a rare talent to make battery upgrades playful and exciting.”

Word of Dresser’s blindfolded NewerTech NuPower iPod battery replacements quickly spread throughout the convention and media, drawing encore performances each day for standing room only crowds.

Over the four day Macworld Conference & Expo, Dresser changed out batteries on photo; mini; and first-, second-, third-, and forth generation iPods. NewerTech NuPower replacement batteries, which retail for prices as low as $14.99 and provide up to 78% more capacity than factory issued power units, were used exclusively.

“Do not try this at home,” joked Dresser to the capacity audience as the blindfold was secured on him during each demonstration – referring to the act of replacing an iPod battery blindfolded. For the act of replacing MP3 player batteries with one’s eyes open, however, Dresser points iPod owners to Other World Computing’s website where QuickTime videos guide novices step-by-step through the installation process.

If the hands and voice in the demonstration look familiar to those who witnessed Dresser’s blindfolded demonstration at Macworld, it should come as no surprise that he is the expert providing the technical advice in the /ipod installation QuickTime videos.

Dresser has a perfect record of success in replacing iPod batteries – both standard and blindfolded. He has performed over 500 iPod battery replacements using NewerTech NuPower high capacity batteries.

For customers intimidated at the idea of opening up their iPod to replace the battery, OWC offers replacement installation services with under 72-hour turn around through .

OWC’s guarantee for customer piece of mind on iPod battery replacements? Simple and ironclad: Jamie Dresser personally supervises all OWC replacement installations booked through – and he does it with his eyes open.

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