Go Forth and Create

Your dreams. Your creative. Your life.

Our planet is habitable not simply because of an abundance of oxygen and water, but because of an abundance of stories. People require connection as much as any elemental sustenance. Fortunately, we don't have to venture far outside our door to find it.

OWC exists to empower storytellers. Our communities are rich with inspiration; countless stories just waiting to be shared. And with the right tools at your side, creation can be as simple as venturing out and taking part.

Go forth.


A smart man once sang, "You can't avoid her. She's in the air. In between molecules of oxygen and carbon dioxide." Inspiration is like that. And when it strikes, you need to be prepared. Some things happen once every few years. Others, once every lifetime.

Atlas memory cards were built to eliminate the risk of missing a moment. These SD and CFexpress cards can keep up with the highest of high resolutions and high-end cameras, but they are also built to last. Atlas is peace of mind for the long haul.


External Drives

Portable SSDs are the Swiss Army knife of the storytelling world. Like inspiration, they fill the space between states. Whether it's shuttling data between camera or phone and onto a laptop, or for sharing footage or images between collaborators for offload or a quick edit, portable SSDs are essential for a frictionless workflow.

Desktop Drives

As a storyteller, you need to be able to hold, wield, and protect these captured moments. The right desktop drive moves data quickly, allowing creators to effortlessly weave their stories. But the right drive is also utterly reliable. Built to last with design and workmanship worthy of trusting your captured time with.


Sometimes a story necessitates invention outside the narrative. New tools are needed to tell a story in a crunch. Traditional portable and desktop drives are great for individuals or small teams. But when it's time to collaborate with others—especially if sharing a story as quickly as possible is key—everyone's time becomes even more valuable.

That's why Jellyfish was created. A group of post-production professionals designed Jellyfish to allow large teams to access and edit large stores of footage to speed up and remove friction from the process. Jellyfish is so fast that it allows multiple team members to edit 8K video without the worry of dropping frames. But as a RAIDed system with automated data snapshots and redundant backups that can scale with your team as your storage needs grow, Jellyfish is also extremely secure and future proof.