OWC Announces Jupiter Callisto and Jupiter Kore Rack-Mounted Enterprise Class Storage Solutions

Scalable, enterprise-class 8-bay and 16-bay storage systems expandable up to 384TB of managed, centralized storage

Apr 11, 2014 | Woodstock, IL


Other World Computing (OWC®), a leading zero emissions Mac and PC upgrade and storage technology company, announced its next evolution of storage with OWC Jupiter Kore and OWC Jupiter Callisto. Both the OWC Jupiter Kore and the OWC Jupiter Callisto were exhibited at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show in Las Vegas this week, at Other World Computing Booth in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Two Choices for High-Performance, Expandable Storage
OWC is pleased to offer two high-performance, ultra reliable, expandable storage systems for creative professionals working with rigorous HD, 2K and 4K workflows. OWC Jupiter Callisto provides unified storage for multi-user environments via Ethernet, while OWC Jupiter Kore is a Mini-SAS direct connected storage system that provides high-speed throughput for demanding single-user applications.

OWC Jupiter Callisto Ethernet Connected Unified Rack Storage Appliance
The OWC Jupiter Callisto is a unified storage appliance that functions as both NAS (Network Attached Storage) and a SAN (Storage Area Network) at that same time. The OWC Jupiter Callisto offers easy storage management with IP based remote management software, and with 10 Gigabit Ethernet architecture, speeds of up to 10Gb/s can be realized.

Unified Storage
As a unified storage system, the OWC Jupiter Callisto can be easily integrated into existing Ethernet-based storage networks, or it can be the center of a new storage infrastructure to provide iSCSI storage to a server or file sharing SMB/AFP to both Mac and Windows computers.

ZFS Storage Architecture
The OWC Jupiter Callisto is built on ZFS advanced data management to provide:

  • Storage pools to ensure easy future expansion and optimal data usage
  • Caching to provide additional speed
  • Automatic data integrity management to prevent data loss
  • A robust set of RAID level options to ensure the best balance of speed and redundancy
  • Snapshots, replication, and closes for easy backup and recovery
  • Compression and data deduplication so data takes up less space

Easy to Manage
With the OWC Jupiter Callisto's IP based remote management software, it is easy to manage all aspects of Callisto: configuring storage; managing users and permissions; managing storage reallocation and expansion; monitoring system health and more.

10 Gigabit Ethernet Onboard
The OWC Jupiter Callisto's 10GBASE-T Ethernet interface will provide speeds up to 10Gb/s while maintaining compatibility with 1GbE computers and hardware. It operates over standard Cat 6a/7 cabling at lengths up to 100 meters without the need for costly SFP+ transceivers.

Easy Expansion
As storage needs grow, so can the OWC Jupiter Callisto. Users can add up to three Jupiter Kore Expander Rack Solutions for a total of 384TB of centralized storage without the need to migrate data or take the system down. Additional storage will be ready to use by simply installing a Kore system into the rack and connecting it to a Callisto system via Mini-SAS.

Key Features of the OWC Jupiter Callisto:

  • 8 and 16 drive bays
  • Ethernet-connected unified storage
    • NAS: File-level access through CIFS/SMB, AFP and NFS
    • SAN: Block-leve3l access through iSCSI
  • 10GBASE-T backwards-compatible with Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Uses standard Cat 6a/7 cabling at lengths up to 100 m
  • 10Gbe speed without the need for costly SFP+ transceivers
  • Easy expansion: add up to three Jupiter Kore storage systems, up to 48 drives or 384TB total capacity

OWC Jupiter Kore Mini-SAS Connected JBOD/Expander Rack Solutions
The OWC Jupiter Kore Mini-SAS connected JBOD storage system can be used as stand-alone, Direct Attached Storage (DAS) or for expanding existing RAID systems such as the OWC Jupiter Callisto. Either use enables workflow upgrades with all the performance, capacity, reliability and affordability the OWC customers have come to expect.

Tremendous Mini-SAS Speed
At the core of the OWC Jupiter Kore is the blazing fast Mini-SAS interface architecture which provides single cable speeds up to 24Gb/s, or the ability to run dual direct Mini-SAS cables to achieve up to 48Gb/s. The OWC Jupiter Kore's quick speed lets users do more: store more video; edit more simultaneous video streams; and move more data.

Huge amounts of direct-attached or Expansion Storage Capacity
Get up to 48TB of storage in an 8-bay rack and up to 96TB of direct-attached or expansion storage capacity in a 16-bay rack. As storage needs grow, so can the OWC Jupiter Kore, by attaching additional Kore systems via Mini-SAS.

OWC Jupiter Kore is RAID Capable
The OWC Jupiter Kore is the perfect storage solution for connecting to a Mini-SAS RAID controller card or adapter. Because the OWC Jupiter Kore provides high-speed JBOD storage, it can also extend the storage of networked storage servers such as the OWC Jupiter Callisto.

Key Features of the OWC Jupiter Kore:

  • 8 and 16 drive bays, up to 96TB
  • Two Mini-SAS ports 24 Gb/s per port with up to 48Gb/s total unit bandwidth
  • Hot-swappable drive trays and fan modules
  • Redundant hot-swappable power supplies with automatic load balancing
  • RAID via Thunderbolt or PCIe RAID controller

The OWC Support Difference
OWC has been a leader in the storage and computer upgrades industry for more than 25 years, and its 24/7 US-based support, free for the lifetime of the product, has been praised by users around the world. Further instilling confidence in Jupiter is an OWC 5-year limited warranty and an expert support staff trained specifically on the Jupiter family of storage. "We're thrilled to be rolling out our OWC Jupiter Kore and Jupiter Callisto storage solutions for our customers who demand the highest level of data sharing performance and scalable capacity," said Larry O'Connor, Founder and CEO, Other World Computing.

"With Jupiter Kore and Callisto, we've brought two enterprise storage solutions with the simplicity, affordability and the high performance you expect from OWC, making it perfect for creative environments, small businesses, and enterprises."

OWC Jupiter Kore systems are available today from OWC and select retailers, in 16TB to 96TB options. For more information, visit:

OWC Jupiter Callisto systems are available for pre-order today from OWC and select retailers, in 16TB to 96TB options. For more information, visit:


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