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OWC Jellyfish Media Engine

What is Media Engine?

OWC Jellyfish Media Engine is a web application that provides a refined way to transcode your media, and it doesn’t involve Media Encoder, Compressor, or DaVinci Resolve! Simply put, we utilize the raw power of your OWC Jellyfish instead of bogging down your workstation.

In combination with OWC Jellyfish Remote Access, OWC Jellyfish Media Engine can be accessed from anywhere in the world. You and your team will be able to generate proxies remotely without relying on internet speeds or tying up a workstation as a part of the transcoding process.

Through your web browser you will be able to quickly access, locate, copy, and even download the files you need right to your local machine.

OWC Jellyfish Media Engine supports RED RAW, ProResRAW, and BRAW and can transcode these files to a web-friendly proxy to be viewed directly from your browser.