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OWC Jellyfish Media Engine

OWC Jellyfish Remote Workflow: Final Cut Pro

NOTE: The step by step directions below are based on the assumption that you have already created proxies for your media files remotely or on-site using OWC Jellyfish Media Engine.

Please make sure your OWC Jellyfish Remote Access is configured properly and that your admin has given you proper permissions for the shares that you will be working off of.

  1. Mount the Shares from the OWC Jellyfish Connect App.
  2. Launch Final Cut Pro X and create your Library and Events for the Project.
  3. Import your original media (Camera Raw) into FCPX, leaving the files in place.
  4. Select all imported media in your event and go to Relink File>Proxy Media.
  5. A”Relink Proxy Files” pop up menu will appear, where you can see the files you will be relinking to the proxies generated by Media Engine. Click “Locate All”.

Select the Proxies Folder and click “Choose”. The Relink Proxy Files menu will match up your original media with the proxies made out of Media Engine and you can now click the “Relink Files” button to link them up.

Now that you have your Proxies connected to the Original Media. Under the “view” menu, select “Proxy Only”. You can now begin your editing using proxy mode for a better remote performance.

Once you are ready to go back to your high resolution media. You can select “Optimized/Original” and FCPX will magically reconnect your media to the originals.

Happy Editing!