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OWC Jellyfish Media Engine

OWC Jellyfish Remote Workflow: DaVinci Resolve

NOTE: The step by step directions below are based on the assumption that you have already created proxies for your media files remotely or on-site using OWC Jellyfish Media Engine.

  1. Please make sure your OWC Jellyfish Remote Access is configured properly and that your admin has given you proper permissions for the shares that you will be working off of.
  2. Mount the Shares from the OWC Jellyfish Connect App.
  3. Launch Resolve 17 and create a project.
  4. Add your raw media (camera originals) to the media pool from your mounted OWC Jellyfish Share.
  5. Select all media in your media pool and right click to reveal the menu and select “link proxy media”
  6. Navigate to the Proxies folder that can be found inside the folder of your raw media (Camera Originals) Select the whole folder. Resolve will smartly connect your Media Engine generated proxies with your original media so going online will be done by switching off “use proxy media if available” and timeline proxy mode.
  7. In Resolve 17, under the Playback menu, make sure “Use proxy media if available’ is selected and your “Timeline proxy mode” is set to “half or quarter resolution”. The latter depends on your internet connection.
  8. Happy Editing!
  9. Once ready to online your project, you can uncheck “Use Proxy Media if Available” and turn off “Timeline Proxy Mode” Your media will revert back to the camera raw and any video attributes will be maintained to the original. You can export your project.
  10. You can also save your project and close out of it if you have a team member that is in the office who will be doing the final touches and finishing.