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How to Use Kyno as a Communication Tool with Excel Exports

There are many great review and approval solutions out there for video teams that can speed up your workflow., Iconik, Wipster, Vimeo to name a few. But sometimes the budget isn’t there for the video teams to integrate these solutions into their tool belts. For those who like to use their existing tools here is how you can utilize Kyno as a communication tool.

Using Excel exports is a very versatile way of letting Kyno aid you in communication and organization. Using markers and subclips and exporting them as Excel spreadsheets makes it extremely easy to produce things like

  • Shot lists
  • QA reports
  • Asset lists documenting what was produced with notes
  • Results of location scouting
  • Review documents for preliminary edits

Once you have a project ready for review, have your producer jump into Kyno and start leaving markers with notes in the description of the markers.

Once they have all the feedback marked up on the video they can export out an excel shot list or asset lists in the form of a spreadsheet for the AE or Editor to review and make changes to the video.

Keyboard Shortcut: Command-Shift-X (Mac) , Control-Shift-X (Windows)

An Excel export options menu will appear with an export layout and options that you can pick based on the things that you applied to the video.

Once you click OK, you will be asked to pick a location where you would like the .xls file to be saved. Pick your location of choice and click Save.

Excel will launch with the markers, description as well as timecode thumbnails, and video titles.

As an editor having timecode and thumbnails really helps with the editing process. This workflow would be a great chance for Assistant Editors and Editors who still get long-chained emails from their producers that lead to more confusion.

Dailies workflow with LUT’s and Timecode