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Batch Rename

This is an option but only if this is truly a pre-edit option for your documentary. Most of the time the source file name is what production will stick to and use metadata to simplify the search process and organization.

Sometimes when you work on a certain project, let's say a quick ad that has a 48-hour turnaround, you may want to retitle the file names to a more meaningful one in order to not get it confused with other media that might have the same camera metadata on your server such as a file C002.mp4 which can be in any camera folder because that’s what some cameras write out when you reformat the camera card.

To avoid any confusion you can rename the files. If you had a slate on set and your camera and sound crew were good about entering custom metadata while shooting you wouldn’t have to worry about renaming files as that metadata field might already be exactly what you and your team may have decided on prior to the shoot.

Here is how to do a batch rename if your team decides to go that route to make things a bit easier.

In the icon view or list view. Select the files that you would like to rename or you can select all the media in the folder and right-click it, selecting rename.

Once selected, you will be presented with a rename menu option. This allows you to choose the directory, keep folder structure from source, file name pattern, custom name, and examples of what your rename will look like.