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OWC Jellyfish Media Engine

How to Make Batch Proxies

You can certainly make web proxies for a single file or you can task Media Engine with batch proxy generation.

In “grid view” or “list view” select all the media files that you would like to make web proxies for. Once you have the selection, hover over the “make proxies” button at the bottom right of Media Engine. Select your proxy resolution size of choice, 540p, 720p, 1080p.

This will kick off a job in the Activity area of Media Engine and you will soon have your proxies.

You can click on the “see all” button to see current jobs and the history of Media Engine of what other team members have done as a reference.

Once the proxies have been generated you will no longer see an active job on the left-hand side under activities.

You can use the sorting menu to see which files have proxies by selecting the “has proxy” option, A checkmark will be present in the “has proxy” column.

In “grid view” the checkmark will appear on the thumbnail of the clip “top right”.