OWC Jellyfish

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Kyno for OWC Jellyfish

Send to DaVinci Resolve

Keyboard Shortcut: SHIFT-COMMAND-D on Mac and SHIFT-CONTROL-D on Windows

Select all the clips that you would like to edit in Resolve from the list or icon view

Send to Resolve by right-clicking over the selected media and choosing sent to or by using the keyboard shortcut Cmd-Shift-D (Mac) / Control-Shift-D (Win)

Once you select DaVinci Resolve an export options dialogue menu will appear. This menu allows you to create a bin or folder for the media inside the NLE.

  • None: Creates no bins and imports clips to the top level
  • From folders: Creates a bin structure that matches the folder structure that your files are in. You can select the level up to which you'd like to mirror that structure (i.e. first parent folder, second parent folder, etc.)
  • Specify: Creates a bin with a specific name

Once you click OK, DaVinci Resolve will launch and a new prompt will appear.

Since there isn’t a timeline to import, click on Import Media.

The bin entitled “ Tilt Creative Edit Bays” will populate in Resolve and you can start to see the metadata that was entered in Kyno.

You can see that the clips, keywords tags came in to Resolve without any issues.

If we go to list view we will also see the subclips and “export subclips as markers” show up on the media that had subclips.

The metadata can also be viewed under the Metadata menu to the right of the source window.

Add metadata in Resolve, Export the metadata and import it into Kyno.

Adding metadata and exporting it.