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Kyno for OWC Jellyfish

Send to Final Cut Pro X

Keyboard Shortcut: SHIFT-COMMAND-F on Mac and SHIFT-CONTROL-F on Windows

Once you have gone through the pre-editing process in Kyno you can select all clips that you would like to send to FCPX. You can send selected clips from the icon view, list view, or from the detail view to FCPX by choosing Send To - FCPX.

You can also use Send To from the context menus or by pressing Cmd-Shift-F (Mac) / Control-Shift-F(Win).

A Send To FCPX menu will be presented where there will be options for which FCPX LIbrary you would like the footage to go to, Event Name, whether the files should be copied to the library or “leave files in place” As well as various metadata mapping options.

Tags, subclips, and folders can be mapped to “Keywords” in FCPX. While you can also use subclips, in and out points, and ratings can be mapped to “Favorites” in FCPX.

Once you have your metadata mapping figured out click “Send TO FCPX” to begin the process.

FCPX will launch and ask if you would like to import the event into a pre-existing “Library” or you can create a new Library for this new event.

Final Cut Pro X will open the Library and you can select the event and see all the clips as well as all the metadata mapped as keywords or favorites listed out.