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Kyno for OWC Jellyfish

Kyno for OWC Jellyfish Toolbar

Kyno can get very granular when it comes to searching your media for specific content. The toolbar is a very intuitive tool with simplified input parameters as well as complex ones to find that very specific audio, video, or image file.

To start, once you drill down on your OWC Jellyfish share or Folder within that share you will be presented with all the media inside. There are three viewing options available: Icon, List, and Detail.

Icon view

Icon view shows all media in a grid with thumbnail representations of your media. The title of the media is included in this view.

List view

The list view shows the media in a list with thumbnail, name, date modified, size, duration, display size, aspect ratio, frame rate, and any other metadata that you decide to add by clicking on the dotted menu along the metadata field bar.

The metadata columns can be customized to include all relevant technical or descriptive metadata.

Detail view

Detail view allows for a detailed look at the selected media. This includes a bigger thumbnail as well as source information and Kyno metadata fields that the Media Manager, Assistant Editor, Editor can add metadata to. This is very useful when you are sifting through multiple takes of a scene and are looking for something specific, like a boom mic in the shot.

Searching Media specific to Video, Images or Audio

At the top of the toolbar you can select the type of media you are looking for either it be a video file, image file, or audio file. You can select or deselect the category and your search will automatically update.

Blue = Active Gray = Inactive

At any point during your search, you can magnify your thumbnails using the magnification slider at the bottom right of the interface that allows you to zoom in and out to increase or decrease the thumbnail size.

There is also a refresh button next to the slider bar that can refresh the page in case thumbnails don’t populate.

Searching by Time

In the toolbar, you have the option to search your media by time. This is very helpful when you receive a request to go back and edit a project that hasn't been edited in six months. You can search your OWC Jellyfish using this time-saving method.

Sort by menu

As projects get complicated, having a sorting tool can help separate the desired field of metadata from the rest. Having a choice to sort the media helps deliver faster results than aimlessly searching through a project for a specific clip with missing metadata fields.

Example: Sorting media by date modified can be a great indicator of exports of a project and its versioning.

Search field by Type

The search field by type is a text search bar that will pick up any aspect of metadata that you type into the field. The text typed can be from the source file, such as file format, encoder, codec, name of the file, etc, or added metadata within Kyno such as tags, descriptions, markers.

For example: If I want to search for a piece of media shot on the Blackmagic Design Camera in RAW I can type in the codec extension of .braw into the search field and all the media with that extension will show up.

Searching for media can get even more granular by searching using filters located next to the search field by the text box.

The filter menu has various metadata sections you can choose from. File, Description, Media, and subcategories under those to help pin down a specific file.

Below in the example, we are searching for .braw files but would like to get even more specific that other team members may have tagged with the tag “tilt”.

The files that have the “tilt” tag show up in my results.

But there seems to be a variety of them so I would like to take it one step further and search ones at a certain rating and frame rate, which are both filter fields I can search. So as you search for media you can add as many filters as you need to get to a specific file type as long as the metadata exists within Kyno.

Example: You are searching for a .braw video file that has a three-star rating and has a frame rate of 24FPS.

When using multiple filters to search you can easily add a filter by selecting it from the filter menu. You can also easily remove a filter by clicking the “-” button on the right side of the row under the filter menu. (diagram below)

Below is an example of using multiple filters from the filter menu to conduct a fine granular search.

Opening media once the search is complete.

Once you find the media that you are seeking you select that piece of media and double-click it to open it up in Kyno’s video engine or you can change your view settings to detail and the player will open giving the ability to playback the video file inside Kyno, add or remove metadata, markers, sub-clips, LUT’s and a whole lot more.

Unlike an Operating System’s ability to playback certain file types or codecs, Kyno is able to playback the majority of codecs in the professional video market. Let's say you have RED’s r3d files and you want to play those back in the finder on a mac, you, unfortunately, won’t be able to so using Kyno can be key to reviewing your footage prior to going into your NLE which supports .r3d.