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Why do you need a media asset manager? Is it worth your time?

There are many reasons why you would need a media asset manager. But first we need to understand the basics before implementing a MAM into your workflow.

A Media Asset Manager is sometimes used to refer to a person’s title and refers to specific organizational software. A Media Asset Manager (the role) organizes and tags media using a Media Asset Manager (the software) to accomplish that task efficiently and expeditiously.

Having a MAM that everyone on your team can use will save you time, help you grow business as well as keep everyone organized and speaking the same language.

You might need to implement a MAM solution for your workflow if you find yourself:

  • Forgetting where you put a file and it takes too long to find it
  • Having too many redundant files that are confusing and cause issues among team members
  • Without a clear search criteria for media that is tagged
  • Working off of network attached storage
  • Constantly going to a single team member whose been at the company the longest and has knowledge of the media library

As your assets multiply there will be a need to get everything organized and searchable requiring your team to speak a common language when searching for media, tagging media, and inputting metadata. Everyone needs to be speaking the common language established within the team to work efficiently. Less time searching for media means more time creating and refining your content.

Next, we are going to go over a few ways to establish a common language among your team and how to start utilizing metadata fields to benefit your workflow.