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What are the expected speeds for my 10GbE connection?

Even though network speeds may vary, having lower than the expected speeds or not having consistent speeds, may be an indication of a problem.

  1. How can I measure my connection speed?
    There are a variety of apps for checking connection speed, such as BlackMagic Disk Speed Test.
  2. What speeds can I expect over 10GbE?
    The speeds may vary depending on your 10GbE adapter, your computer configuration, the OS and the version of OS you are using. In some configuration it is normal to get over 900mbps for read and write and for some it is normal to get about 600mbps. That doesn’t mean necessarily that there is anything wrong with your OWC Jellyfish but if you are unhappy with the performance you’re getting, we would be happy to take a look.
  3. What to do if you are observing lower speeds over 10GbE connection?
    1. Check your network settings.
      1. For macOS: Go to System Preferences > Network. Select the network interface you are using for your OWC Jellyfish and click advanced, then go to the Hardware tab. On the bottom, you will have MTU, change it to custom and type in 9000, then save and apply changes.
      2. For Windows: Go to your network adapter settings, click Properties -> Advanced and make sure that Jumbo Frames is enabled.
    2. If you the settings are right but you are still seeing lower speeds, please try a new Cat7 cable.