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Kyno for OWC Jellyfish

Treatment of markers in the player pull-down menu

Working with markers in Kyno is a great way to effectively convey important information to your team on each piece of media and use markers to prep a shot list, or edit storyboards using stills created by using the metadata of your markers and exporting that as a still image.

You can do this on a single shot or do a batch export of all your clips into a

Edit Markers: once play head is over a marker, this menu option allows the user to edit markers, changing the name and description as well as where it lives on the media.

Delete All Markers: This option allows the user to delete all markers for that particular media. *Caution* if you decide to delete all markers on a specific piece of media it can not be undone.

Export Markers As Still: Once all markers are set, you can export those markers as still images. When choosing this option, you will be presented with a Still Frame Export Settings menu. The menu is pretty straightforward and similar to the transcode settings menu.

In and Out Selection From Dropdown Menu

Since there are multiple ways to create markers and subclips in Kyno, another way to do so is through the dropdown menu in the player. Once you have an area of the clip selected by setting an In Point “I” and Out Point “O” you can click the dropdown menu and clear your selection, create subclip from selection, create marker from selection or export the selection.