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Kyno for OWC Jellyfish

The Video Player Quick Menu

The dropdown menu next to the in and out points on the player is a quick and easy way to work with Markers, in/out selections as well as export images and set poster frames for your media.

We will go over the selections in detail and look at the various options available in each menu item.

Export Image

Many times someone within your organization will ask you for still photos or frames that they can use from your video files and if you have a high enough resolution video file and the frame rate and shutter speeds are decent you can get a nice crisp still frame from the video file. Kyno has made the creation of these still frames easy and straightforward.

Depending on which frame your play head is on you can access the player menu and select Export Image.

A new window will appear and present two sections where you can adjust settings for the exported image.

Image Settings: You can adjust the resolution, rotation, file format ( PNG, JPEG) as well as its quality (0-100).

LUT Settings: You can add a camera LUT to the image or a creative LUT. If you added a LUT in the player you can leave the settings as is “As Defined In Player” if you did not add a LUT in the player you can choose a LUT of choice and click okay to start the export.

A new menu will pop up and ask you to pick a destination. You can export directly to your OWC Jellyfish Share from Kyno.

Poster Frame

A poster frame can be described as a thumbnail that represents your media. Kyno automatically picks a poster frame for your video files, but you have the option to change it to something that is more memorable to you and your team.

Setting A Poster Frame

You can set your play head on the frame you are keen on and press the letter P on your keyboard to set a poster frame or you can click on the video player pull-down menu and select “Set Poster Frame”.