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OWC Jellyfish Manager

How to Create, Update and Delete Groups

Creating a Group:

1. Navigate to Users & Groups > Groups

2. Select the [addition_Icon_lsn7jm][Add Icon] under the group panel.

3. Enter the desired name in the Name field. This can include letters, numbers, and spaces, but no special characters.

4. From the Other Users section, select the desired users for the new group. If you want to create new users for the group, select the [addition_Icon_lsn7jm][Add Icon] under Other Users.

5. Select [save_dk_hte9hs][Save Icon] to save the group.

Updating/Deleting a Group:

If you are deleting any users from the group make sure the respective users have unmounted any shares they may have connected.

1. Select the group to update.

2. Make any necessary changes to the group and save and quit.