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Active Directory: Connecting With OWC Jellyfish Manager

How to Connect An Active Directory Domain Using OWC Jellyfish Manager

How to connect to the Active Directory domain via OWC Jellyfish Manager:

  1. Before proceeding, make sure that you know the Active Directory domain, as well as the domain username and password you will be connecting with.
  2. Navigate to Advanced => Directory Services => Setup
    1. Name: The AD domain name
    2. Account Name: The AD username
    3. Domain Account Password: The AD password for the AD user
    4. Prefix: If there is a single sub domain, then the field will automatically be filled out. If there are multiple sub domians, you must pick the one you want to use from the list.

3. Save. Now the OWC Jellyfish is connected to the Active Directory domain!

Differences in share permissions:

While connected to an Active Directory domain, the permissions for each share are flattened. This means that any user or group added to a share will have their respective read/write access set for each subdirectory of the share. You will no longer be able to set user and group permissions per directory.