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OWC Jellyfish Manager

OWC Jellyfish Manager Changelog


  • Adds support for the Nomad
  • Fixes a bug where gateway settings would not persist
  • Fixes a bug where bonds would display incorrect speeds
  • Fixes a bug where the Snapshot feature could not be installed
  • Improvements to the pool creation process
  • Improvements to Iconik integration
  • Improves the method for checking internet connection


  • Improvements to the Postgres update process
  • Fixes a bug with Backblaze installation
  • Fixes a bug where the Snapshot feature was unavailable


  • Improves checking for system information


  • Improvements to hostname updates
  • Fixes a bug where the Manager logo would not appear on the login screen


  • Active Directory connection improvements
  • Improves logout handling
  • Fixes an issue where unconfigured ethernet ports would not appear on the Networks page


  • Fixes a bug that caused system updates to fail


  • Updates PostgreSQL version from 9.5 to 13
  • Better support for users with special characters in their password
  • Fixes a bug where the Default Gateway was not persistent through reboots


  • Improvements to System Alerts
  • Updates functionality for Users & Groups
  • Better reboot/shutdown management
  • Security improvements


  • Increases disk stability during system startup
  • Adds additional security when changing a user’s password
  • Increases DHCP network stability
  • Adds the ability to update the Remote Access integration


  • Fixes potential conflict for DaVinci Resolve users
  • Adds support for future systems
  • Improves Active Directory connection
  • Fixes a bug with incomplete shares


  • Improves reporting when downloading share permissions
  • Improves Backblaze, Iconik, and PostLab installations
  • Fixes a bug where downloaded proxies could appear as incomplete shares
  • Fixes a bug where ZFS pooled storage in a suspended state was unhandled
  • Stability and performance enhancements


  • Bug fixes and enhancements to share permissions
  • Fixes an issue with Active Directory installation
  • Fixes a bug with Backblaze authentication


  • Fixes an issue displaying the network speed for Intel XL710 40GbE network interfaces


  • Fixes an issue with updating Manager


  • Fixes formatting of pool status for disks
  • Fixes a bug where the temperature graph would not display on the dashboard
  • Adds password encryption for shares
  • Fixes an issue with network bond creation
  • Fixes an instance where the Backblaze integration would fail to install
  • Fixes an issue where Wasabi buckets do not load
  • Adds error handling for when AWS buckets do not load



  • Updates logos and headers
  • Fixes a bug where the FCPX compatibility button would display the wrong status
  • Fixes a bug where network speeds would display incorrect information
  • Fixes issues that prevented cloud buckets from loading
  • Displays public connection IP for SFTP

Media Engine

  • Updates logos and headers
  • Improves jobs status reporting
  • Prevents users from accessing shares they do not have permissions for
  • Fixes an issue where workspace media would not load
  • Fixes an issue where the history of an activity would not load correctly
  • Fixes an issue with saving a file’s metadata


  • Updates netdata to version 1.34.1


  • Adds support for dRAID pools on certain models
  • Active Directory stability improvements
  • Share permission stability improvements
  • Kyno logging and stability improvements


  • Fixes an issue when setting share permissions


  • Adds support for Jellyfish R24
  • Bug fixes and enhancements for the Disks page
  • Adds NTP option for keeping system time synced
  • Fixes instances where users connected over SMB would not display
  • Fixes an issue where share quotas would not set and display correctly
  • Increases stability for setting share permissions
  • Improves logging and diagnostics
  • Fixes an issue with activating the Kyno integration
  • Minor updates to (beta) integration
  • Improves install status detection for Remote Access


  • Fixes a bug where clicking on a port in the Networks page would open a different one


  • Fix for permissions user interface bug


  • Adds new permissions directory interface
  • Adds Azure integration
  • Adds cloud service bucket encryption
  • Changes how connections are displayed in the Connections, Users & Groups, and Shares pages
  • Fixes an issue where incorrect projects load for certain teams
  • Fixes a bug where changes to cache/log drives in pools were not updated until page refresh
  • Improves Active Directory integration


  • Fixes a bug where setting a sync directory would throw an invalid path error
  • Fixes a bug where NFS shares could not be mounted
  • Improves SMB share configuration and user connection


  • Improves cloud integrations user interface
  • Improves Manager update process
  • Share permissions status information improvements
  • Snapshot user interface improvements
  • Improves Active Directory status information
  • Fixes minor issues with the system update process
  • Improves the Share page user interface


  • Fixes an issue where a scheduled cloud backup would run while a backup or restore was in progress
  • Fixes a bug that prevented accounts with multiple teams/projects from loading


  • Improves integration installation process


  • Fixes an issue with cloud connectivity
  • Fixes a bug with searching Active Directory users and groups


  • Adds the ability to update the integration


  • Performance improvements to Manager installation
  • Improves Active Directory integration


  • New and improved user interface
    • Dashboard view: better charts, more organized information
    • Disks: see a complete overview of system health
    • Connections: see who is connected to what
    • Shares: now sortable and searchable
    • Shares view: now lists who is connected to a share
    • Users & Groups: now sortable and searchable
    • User view: now lists groups, shares, and history
    • User: can now force password change on user login
    • Integrations page: new page gives access to all integration services
    • New Cloud services integrations: AWS, Backblaze, Wasabi
    • New integrations: (beta), Iconik, Postlab
  • Better login management between Jellyfish apps
  • Deeplink routing for better support