OWC Jellyfish

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Setup and Installation

How To Set Up SFTP

  1. Ensure that your switch has port forwarding enabled for the IP address the SFTP user will connect to (for example, port 49152). Note: port forwarding is TCP, not UDP.
  2. Ensure that your Jellyfish also has an internet connection (you can confirm this under Integrations within Jellyfish Manager).
  3. Navigate to Jellyfish Manager > Integrations -> SFTP.
  4. Click the setup button and then install.
  5. After the install is finished fill out the two required fields.
    • Server Port - Insert the forwarded port from step 1.
    • Path - The base directory users will be placed when connecting the Jellyfish.
  6. Click save, and then the SFTP service is setup and ready to go.