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Bus-powered storage drives designed for portability, durability, and maximum performance.

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    OWC Mercury Elite Pro Dual mini

    Mercury Elite Pro Dual mini

    Dual-Drive USB 3.2 (10Gb/s) Bus-Powered Portable Storage Solution

    The latest high-performance portable RAID from OWC. Packing dual-drive, USB 3.2 (10Gb/s) performance into a portable, bus-powered form factor.

    OWC Envoy Pro FX

    Envoy Pro FX

    Thunderbolt (USB-C) Bus-Powered Portable NVMe SSD

    The universally compatible, portable SSD for Thunderbolt and USB devices. Offers performance of up to 2800MB/s in a crushproof and waterproof case.

    OWC Envoy Pro SX

    Envoy Pro SX

    Thunderbolt (USB-C) Bus-Powered Portable NVMe SSD

    The super-fast, extremely rugged portable SSD with speeds up to 2847 MB/s for modern Thunderbolt and USB4 equipped computers.

    OWC Envoy Express

    Envoy Express

    Thunderbolt (USB-C) Bus-Powered Portable NVMe SSD Enclosure

    The world's first Thunderbolt certified, bus-powered, 'add your own drive' enclosure for NVMe SSDs. Supports up to 1553 MB/s real world performance.

    OWC Envoy Pro Elektron

    Envoy Pro Elektron

    USB 3.2 (10Gb/s) Bus-Powered Portable NVMe SSD

    The fastest, toughest mini-sized SSD available. It’s crushproof, dust-proof and waterproof for transferring gigabytes of data in seconds.

    OWC Envoy Pro mini

    Envoy Pro mini

    USB 3.2 (10GB/s) Bus-Powered Portable SSD

    The ultimate 'works with everything' pocket-sized SSD with real-world performance up to 946MB/s and capacities up to 1.0TB.

    OWC Mercury Elite Pro mini

    Mercury Elite Pro mini

    Single-Drive USB 3.2 (10Gb/s) Storage Solution

    Universally compatible, bus-powered drive for saving, accessing & backing up data.

    OWC Mercury On-The-Go Pro

    Mercury On-The-Go Pro

    Single-Drive USB 3.2 (5Gb/s) + FW800 Bus-Powered Portable Storage Solution

    Bus-powered and multi-Interface, the Mercury On-The-Go Pro packs an incredible punch into an ultra-portable 11oz package.

    OWC Express


    Single-Drive Bus-Powered Portable Storage Solution

    Pocket-sized USB bus powered ventilated enclosure for a 2.5-inch hard drive or SSD. Perfect for data storage and backups.